Sweet Occasions with Friends

A selection of products to share with your friends

He who finds a friend finds a treasure


No words were more apt! Friends are often a second family, sharing with us the joys and sorrows of our lives. How many dinners or lunches have we organised with friends? Whether old or new, numerous or select, sitting down together is always a way of carving out moments of joy and sharing. It is very important to nurture friendships, and especially friends! Then moments of conviviality arise, to which you can contribute a dessert, a liqueur or any gift to share. Have a nice after-dinner drink in front of the fireplace: the strong flavour of a good Modica fondant, combined with the taste of rum and a puff of tobacco, provides an intimate and deeply relaxing moment.

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Nonna Vincenza proposes only high quality products, made with fine raw materials, following the recipe of all times.

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A coffee with friends or
an intimate after-dinner drink


If you are preparing a special dinner, or have been invited to attend, treat your friends to a tasteful after-dinner experience. Many products to satisfy everyone: Modica chocolate, almond pastries, candied oranges, accompanied by Nonna Vincenza’s rosoli, will be a guaranteed success!

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