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Tasting typical Sicilian products is a unique experience. From the ancient confectionery recipes of our island come many specialities prepared as they used to be, especially during the festive season. Such as the infasciatelle, originating from Agira, which are as tender and tasty as the two different pastries that are wrapped in a honey and almond band. Like the Sant’Agata’s Olivette, small almond paste sweets in the shape of olives, scented with rum and coloured green, prepared in Catania between January and February to celebrate Sant’Agata. Like the nougat, which Emperor Frederick II of Swabia used to take with him in large quantities to sweeten his long stays away from Sicily. Enjoying a traditional sweet or biscuit means strolling through a hilltop village during the Festival of the Dead, being moved by the celebrations of the patron saint in Etna’s capital city, breathing in the Christmas air far from home, discovering bite after bite of the different historical influences of the Arabs, Normans or Spaniards.

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Nonna Vincenza proposes only high quality products, made with fine raw materials, following the recipe of all times.

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Sicilian traditional desserts


Nonna Vincenza combines every goodness with a tradition to be found. Typical festive sweets such as the “nzulle”, the “rame di Napoli”, the “bersaglieri” and “regina” biscuits, prepared for the Feast of the Dead, or “cotognate”, “Olivette di Sant’Agata”, “cassatelle di Agira”, “nocatole” to be enjoyed in various places and at various times of the year. The famous almond pastries combined with the less well-known pistachio and hazelnut pastries, as well as buccellati and croccantini. 

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