Sweet occasions to discover the flavors of Sicily.

Take home a piece of Sicily

The flavors of Sicily.


If you grew up in this beautiful land, or spent a short vacation there, you will never forget the aromas and flavors you encountered. The taste of the almonds of that unforgettable granita by the sea, the scent of lemons served at the table at the restaurant, the pistachio ice cream you couldn’t give up after dinner, the artisan limoncello that your grandfather sipped, the ricotta eaten fresh in the traditional “fascelle “.All these memories can be evoked by Nonna Vincenza’s products. Try the almond pastries, in the traditional or flavored versions, the crunchy and all the desserts of the Sicilian confectionery tradition.

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Nonna Vincenza offers only high quality products, made with precious raw materials, following the usual recipe.

Almond Cornets

Almond paste in the shape of croissant well packaged and portioned with bags that protect the fragrance.

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Paths and scents linked

to our land.

The feminello lemon from the Syracuse countryside, the Francofonte orange, the Modica artisan chocolate, the Bronte pistachio, the Avola almonds. Each ingredient contains the history of a place, its people, its landscapes. For this reason Nonna Vincenza chooses raw materials with great care, relying on selected and trusted suppliers. We believe that every product, to be considered of quality, must have all the fragrance and tradition of a timeless land inside.

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