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Green gold, richness of Pistachio, there are many definitions for this fruit, less common than almonds and hazelnuts, but so sought after and prized. The sunburnt soil, volcanic ash and Sirocco winds create the typical aroma and sweet, delicate taste that has been certified since 2009 with the D.O.P. mark. Green is usually the colour of harmony and relaxation. Precisely because of its chromatic nuances and organoleptic properties, pistachio favours a good mood, reduces stress, helps the cardiovascular system, but above all always manages to get straight to the heart of young and old alike.

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Nonna Vincenza proposes only high quality products, made with fine raw materials, following the recipe of all times.

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Etna’s most precious fruit


Small, crunchy seeds are the source of many goodies: pistachio paste, pistachio almond paste, pistachio cream and pesto, torrone orpistachio brittle,pistachio rosolio. Nonna Vincenza prepares these delicacies with fruit picked directly from her five-hectare pistachio grove just outside Bronte.


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