Sweet Occasions for a Holy Christmas

A selection of products to celebrate a Holy Christmas

Holy Christmas

Christmas in Sicily, as in the rest of the world, is synonymous with traditions. From the sacred to the profane, from the kitchen to the street, Sicily has its own way of celebrating the nativity of Christ. Although influences from northern European countries try to impose a Christmas climate on us as early as November, in Sicily, the Christmas tree and the traditional nativity scene are absolutely prepared on the occasion of the celebration of the Immaculate Conception. In Sicily the cities and the suburbs are illuminated with the traditional Christmas illuminations, they are populated of colored trees and cribs prepared in all the possible sceneries. The warmth of the family that gathers, the tables laid for the holidays, the pleasure of savoring every detail away from the hectic life of every day. Christmas is an experience to be lived and in every province there is a typical dish or dessert that recalls the traditions of the past. For Nonna Vincenza it is important to transmit even to those who are far from Sicily the emotions of the famous saying “Christmas with your parents”, with a symbolic sweet or a basket that encloses all the scents, flavors and warmth of the party.

Uno splendido giorno
da vivere insieme ai tuoi cari

In un pranzo o una cena per il tradizionale scambio dei regali non possono mancare un panettone artigianale preparato secondo la ricetta originale, il classico torrone, i croccantini alle mandorle, gli alberelli di cioccolato, i presepi, i biscotti e i dolcetti di marzapane preparati nelle forme più particolari.

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