Sweet snack occasions with Grandma

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The pleasure of the old-fashioned snack

In the sweetest memories of each and every one of us, there is the unique taste of the snacks we used to have at our grandmother’s as children. The smell of freshly baked biscuits, the caresses on her face with hands still dirty with flour, the loving smiles as she prepared the bread with jam, the larder full of wholesome things to discover. Those flavours of the past to be enjoyed without haste: a few simple ingredients made special by the love that only a grandmother can feel. Nonna Vincenza loves to preserve the most beautiful traditions of the past and, why not, renew them. To amaze and pamper the children of today, far from the hectic pace of daily life, or to make nostalgic adults feel small again.

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Nonna Vincenza proposes only high quality products, made with fine raw materials, following the recipe of all times.

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Precious time


Whether it is a short break or a longer moment, the time to dedicate to snacking is precious time. The same time that Nonna Vincenza takes to lovingly select genuine and natural ingredients and prepare different varieties of jams and honey, marmalades and creams, tarts, biscuits, cakes and much more.

A precious time

Whether it is a short break or a longer moment, the time to dedicate to a snack is a precious time.

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