Sweet occasions to discover the Etna Taste

selection of products that identify Sicily Mountain flavors

Mountain flavors

The highlands of Sicily give us many unique goodies in the world. The calcareous soil and the volcanic layers of Etna give truly inimitable flavors to some products, such as pistachio from Bronte, quinces, prickly pears, mushrooms, chestnuts and numerous wines. But also the nearby hills, thanks to the particular atmospheric conditions, offer noteworthy products, such as the hazelnuts of the Nebrodi and the honey of the Iblei mountains. The mountain climate in Sicily has the flavor of autumn and its fruits. Do not miss the opportunity to come and taste them in the numerous festivals and village festivals that dot the autumn season in Sicily: Zafferana Etnea, Bronte, Maletto and Sortino are some of the villages that host thousands of visitors every year, with many characteristic events not to be missed.

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Nonna Vincenza offers only high quality products, made with precious raw materials, following the usual recipe.

The best products that come from
the slopes of the volcano

Etna and its surrounding landscape give us Bronte pistachio, quince, prickly pear, mushrooms, chestnuts, but also Nebrodi hazelnuts and honey from the Iblei mountains, as well as numerous famous wines.

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