Sweet Occasions for Children

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The look of happiness

Curious, lively, greedy, attentive to details, eager to learn. Today’s children are always on the move and eager to discover the world around them. Nonna Vincenza loves to reward their vitality with many small delicacies and it is a joy for her to always find new ways to content their gluttony with love and imagination. The result is a host of sweet treats designed to illuminate the children’s eyes with happiness after a busy day at school, to give them the energy they need to do their homework, to make up for a scraped knee or a sudden frown. And if they’re good enough for the little ones, they’re sure to impress everyone.

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Nonna Vincenza offers only high quality products, made from the finest raw materials, following the same recipe as always.

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Child-friendly goodness

Irresistible little goodies made on a child’s scale to tempt the little ones and assure mothers of the quality and genuineness of the products: chocolate and hazelnut eggs, Modican chocolate bars, carob and cinnamon sweets, Sant’Agata olives, martorana fruit.

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