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Birthday is a serious matter

Nonna Vincenza, like all grandmothers, looks forward to celebrating birthdays. What is more affectionate and traditional than the custom of celebrating the day of the year in which a person dear to you was born? Birthday celebrations are very ancient, it is thought that they have existed since the time of the ancient Egyptians. The rituals, however, were reserved only for pharaohs, emperors or gods. The first to celebrate the birthday as we know it today was Johann Wolfgang von Goethe to celebrate his fifty-third year of life. Since then the practice spread slowly in aristocratic circles, but only in the last century did it become popular. Today we will help you organize your party: you can order your personalized cake, rotisserie, sweets for your banquet. Or you can choose to give a fresh cake as a gift, for a surprise party, choosing from our many proposals, always rigorously fresh every day, to be collected in the stores in Catania, Rome and Milan.

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Nonna Vincenza offers only high quality products, made with precious raw materials, following the usual recipe.

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The day of your birth to celebrate
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For a noteworthy birthday it is important to choose a cake that everyone likes, or you can opt for many different proposals that please all the guests. Don’t forget to buy candles for the inevitable blowing ritual. For an effective cake, we recommend placing as many candles as the number of years to celebrate

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