Buccellato Biscuits

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Made of shortcrust pastry, rolled out into a not thin pastry and stuffed, according to the traditional recipe, with a filling of dried figs, raisins, almonds, orange peel


Typical Christmas dessert. The Sicilian Buccellati have an ancient origin. They descend from the panificatus of the Romans. Their name derives from the late Latin buccellatum, that is bread to be transformed into buccelli, or bites, for its softness. The buccina was the curved trumpet used by the Roman legionaries. From this, precisely to understand the round shape, the term "buccella" was derived, which indicated the donut bread that the emperors distributed to the people, while the buccellaro was the distribution worker, hence the name was maimed into buccellato. Stuffed with figs dried in the hot Sicilian sun.

double zero flour, lard, sugar , eggs. Filling ingredients: honey, almonds (21%)hazelnuts, dried figs, raisin, dark chocolate ( sugar, cocoa butter, Cocoa Paste , soy lecithin),pistachio, nuts.

Glaze ingredients :
sugar, water , alcohol, lemon, flavours.

Product may contain traces of nuts

Highlighted ingredients may cause reactions in allergic or intolerant persons.


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