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Handmade Panettone

The inevitable panettone has been delighting the palate since Christmas Eve. An irreplaceable sign of an annual custom and, according to the story that accompanies it, also synonymous with sharing and conviviality. Nonna Vincenza’s artisan panettone is the right compromise between territory and tradition with its variants of mandarin and chocolate. There is also the classic version for the more traditionalists. Each ingredient is carefully selected to carry out an original recipe that has been handed down from generation to generation. For an excellent panettone, particular care is required in the preparation phase, during which the right and careful leavening of the dough guarantees an extremely soft and appetizing result. Thanks to its simplicity, capable of satisfying the most diverse palates, panettone is now a symbol of Christmas in different parts of the world and no longer only in Italy. All that remains is to break a piece with your hands to celebrate the holiday that puts the family at the center par excellence.

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Nonna Vincenza offers only high quality products, made with fine raw materials, following the recipe of all time.

Pistachio Panettone

Classic Artisan Panettone with delicious pistachio, worked strictly by hand, as the traditional recipe.
With Pistachio Cream.



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What you didn’t know
about aristocrats’ dessert

Appeared for the first time, presumably at the court of Ludovico il Moro, tradition provides that a slice of panettone must be kept to be consumed the new year as a symbol of continuity. There are also those who believe that tasting a slice of panettone on San Biagio’s day, which occurs every year on February 3, prevents the possibility of future ailments, misfortunes and adverse fates. Sweet Occasions with Jars of Creams and Pesto.

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