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Pistachio or almond to spread on bread, also ideal on its own, to be used for delicious fillings but also for a snack sweet and enviable, a super energetic breakfast or a delicate end of meal. And then there is the pistachio pesto to make any lunch unique and tasty or the moment of an aperitif or appetizer. Whether they are sweet or savory, they always remain a real triumph of the territory. These are the creams that Nonna Vincenza prepares by selecting only the most genuine Sicilian ingredients. The creams are versatile and tasty for all ages and it is possible to use them for the realization of numerous recipes. In particular, pistachio pesto is an amazing component for excellent first courses based on fresh or dry pasta but also as an element of delicious second courses with vegetables or meat. All that remains is to open the jar and using your imagination.

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Nonna Vincenza offers only high quality products, made with fine raw materials, following the recipe of all time.

Pistachio Pesto

Pistachio pesto is a preparation with a fresh and aromatic taste that enhances the unique and unmistakable flavour of these fruits . The secret to obtaining an exquisite pesto is undoubtedly to use top quality pistachios. Making it is simple: prepare a mixture of just blanched pistachios and season with salt and oil. Pistachio pesto is the perfect condiment to season gluten-free pasta, especially when topped with dried tomatoes and prawns. Of course, it can also be tasted spread on crunchy toasted bread to be served as delicious appetizers.
100% Vegan.



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And to accompany

Pistachio or almond-based sweet creams can be served and enjoyed next to a glass of rosolio or on colder days with a steaming cup of hot herbal tea. Furthermore, the taste of pistachio pesto can be made even more delicious when paired with shrimps or in the classic chicken and cream cheese rolls.

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