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Receiving or sending a gift is always an emotion, especially when it comes to delicious Sicilian pastry proposals. For this Nonna Vincenza has reserved a sweet surprise for all her loyal grandchildren, especially for those who live far from Sicily, to be able to get the warmth and goodness of her products everywhere.

Discover all the possibilities to dedicate an elegant and tasty thought to whoever you want with Nonna Vincenza Gift Packs- There are several boxes containing mixed desserts and other products of your choice, such as almond pastes, crunchy, sweet creams and rosoli.


Choose the product or the selection of products that inspires you!

Nonna Vincenza offers only high quality products, made with fine raw materials, following the recipe of all time


Shipped in an elegant package


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Almond pastries, nougats, sweet creams and many other products to give to your loved ones

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