Sweet Occasions for feast of Sant’Agata

A selection of products to celebrate Sant'Agata

The Feast of Sant’Agata

Agata was one of the most revered martyrs of Christian antiquity, she was put to death during the persecution of Decius (249-251) in Catania, for never having betrayed the profession of her Christian faith. From February 3 to 5, Catania dedicates to the Saint a great feast, a mixture of faith and folklore. According to tradition, upon hearing the news of the return of the Saint’s relics in 1126, the bishop went out in procession through the city barefoot in his night clothes, followed by the clergy, the nobles and the people; the Sacco agatino: white gowns and gloves with a black papalina on his head. In the procession of day 4 it is adorned with pink carnations (symbols of the blood and therefore of the martyrdom suffered by the saint), while in that of day 5 it is adorned with white carnations (symbols of purity, chastity and faith in the Lord). Tied to the vehicle that support the saint, two cords of over 100 meters which cling to hundreds of “Devotees” (with the Sacco agatino that is the aforementioned white tunic tightened by a cord, cap or black papalina, handkerchief and white gloves) that until February 6 tirelessly pull the wagon. The Vara is carried in procession preceded by the candelore or cannalori.

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Olivette of Sant’Agata

Sweets made with almonds, sugar and natural flavors. Homage to the Saint of Catania, the Olivette di Sant’Agata are traditionally prepared between January and February.
100% gluten-free product!



Cassatine of Saint Agatha


Classic with ricotta, a fresh dessert typical of Sicily, especially in the Catania area linked to the patronal feast of Sant’Agata.
Sold in single portions
Medium size


The Saint Patron of Catania
a feast to live together with your loved ones.

The most important moment of aggregation for the family in the religious tradition of Catania, where the sweets cover the central role on which the whole conviviality of the feast is based. A day lived with great devotion and humility, full of colors and unmistakable scents that amaze the whole world. We at Nonna Vincenza offer you the two typical sweets of this feast, the “olivette di Sant’Agata” and the “Cassatine si Sant’Agata”, both to be enjoyed during a coffee or at the end of a meal.

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