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The almond queen of the Sicilian tradition


The main ingredient of almond pastries comes directly from Avola, the land of the Pizzuta Almond. It is said that these specialties originate from a Benedictine monastery, founded by the nobles of Palermo Martorana, where the nuns used almonds to create sweets so delicious that they were worthy of a king. From here derive the various definitions and types: royal pasta, almond paste, martorana fruit. The characteristic shapes, once obtained by cuddling the soft dough in suggestive forms of gypsum sulfur, today are the result of more modern silicone shapes, while the coloring of the martorana fruit is still handmade, to obtain the extraordinary shades of color present in nature. Nonna Vincenza uses a few simple ingredients made special by the original recipe, in which the crunchiness of the almonds is perfectly combined with the softness of the dough.

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The tradition that lives on in sweets
and in the eyes of children

Ancient recipes of the past for young and old. From the traditions of small villages come specialties such as the cassatelle and infasciatelle of Agira, from the land of Sant’Agata good the Olivette, the Rame of Naples, the Nzulle. While the almond becomes the protagonist not only of the classic pastas but also of crunchy, nougat and martorana fruit.

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